Cinnamon Roll Wednesday | Gluten Free Options

Fresh, simple flavors done right. Come on in and taste the difference.

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Sandwiches, salads, wraps, cookies, breakfast, treats and the best coffee in town!



     Our coffee comes from Distant Lands Coffee. They are the industry leader in sustainability in coffee farming. Besides growing a perfect bean which is roasted locally here in the NW, Distant Lands actively supports the economic and social growth of the communities where their farms are located. They operate no cost dental, offer modern housing and financial management support for all of its workers. Distant Lands is all about providing a superior product in coffee and making the world a better place to be.

     Here at Capitol Coffee we are very proud to support this company and serve this coffee. Want to learn more? Get a delicious cup at Capitol Coffee and check them out at

     Here at Capitol Coffee we clean, cut and prepare all of our produce right here in store. This makes our salads, wraps and sandwiches as fresh as they can be. You can taste the difference! We slice our deli meats here in small portions to keep your sandwiches as savory and delicious as possible. Every item here is built on the principle of simple fresh flavors done right.

     Try our breakfast burritos, come back for a sandwich at lunch then bring an entrée salad home for dinner. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Every Wednesday is Cinnamon Roll Wednesday! We bake them fresh once per week for you to indulge.


  • Gluten Free – Sandwiches, pastries and treats from local bakers who have perfected the process.
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